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Have you ever asked a teacher trainer exactly how he/she became a trainer? What answer did you get? Have you had a chance to train a few teachers on some topics? The course consists of modules to help you develop the necessary skills to become a teacher trainer. It starts with a few activities that you will go through and then builds on the responses to provide you with skills you need to become an effective teacher trainer.

This is an introductory course to school teachers in the wake to use technology in teaching and learning. It consists of topics that help the teachers be able to start from where they are, by using their mobile phones to move forward and start using some tech tools to improve their teaching practices.

Thye following are the topics that were covered.

Welcome to this 21st Century Course for Teachers

In the  20th century, we experienced a teacher-centered type of teaching where the teacher was the giver of knowledge and where students sat in rows of desks to listen, take notes and memorize.

In this 21st century, there are many transformations in education that have taken place, which need teachers to shift from teacher-centeredness to learner-centredness, changing our roles to becoming facilitators. It all starts with the skills we want our learners to get, how they get them and how they will benefit them.

Technology in the classroom is one enabler to improve student learning in many ways. It involves making students talk about what they are learning, share with others, collaborate and apply everything in their daily life to solve problems. These are 21st-century learner skills.

This 4-week online course will help school teachers, instructors, educators to improve your teaching practices. It has topics that will help you change and become a 21st-century teacher. The content is designed to cater to the diverse participants from Africa, with examples from live classrooms in Tanzania.

Incentives to Successful Participants

  • All participants who successfully complete all activities will be awarded certificates of completion.
  • Guidance on how to create learning communities afer the end of the course.

You are all welcome.